campo de fiori

Research and innovation, quality of raw materials and tradition: all for a balanced style, but which renews itself by experimenting with new moods.

Here is our philosophy.


Our garments are all high quality, the result of a skilled craftsmanship and treated only with fine fabrics, leathers and yarns.


It is said that beauty lies in defects. That's it.

Because when you make an artisan garment, that garment is unique. He has small details that only he has.

They may seem to be flaws, in reality they are subtleties that make them unique.

And they also tell us a story. His own story.

A story made of quality, research on leather, fabrics and coloring techniques.

A story made of quality.

This is how our Urban Chic Style is born.

nina loca


A young brand that knows the value of craftsmanship.

A passion for the care of materials that comes from the precious family heritage.

Our vision is all here.


A keen interest in experimentation has led the brand to marry with the latest trends and is renewed every year to give its customers high quality garments that follow fashion season by season.


The culture of handmade, time and passion meets stylistic innovation: a creative dynamism for a new casual elegance mixed with elements of functionality, indispensable for today's woman.

A style choice for a timeless beauty.

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